Life @ Abs Systems

Abs Systems is actually building web sites and web apps.


We are focused on making the lives of our clients easier and helping them achieve their hopes and dreams.

We don’t sell outsourcing. We sell a superlative customer experience.

But we realize that these things don’t come out of a vending machine. They need the efforts of a dedicated, passionate and well oiled team of highly capable people with different skill sets.

We need people who can put themselves in the shoes of clients and zero in on the simplest solutions to complex problems. We want proactive and smart people who are not afraid to dream big and have the technical expertise to execute through.

We want people who have the mental discipline to work according to set systems and processes like CMMI.

  • A fast track and continuous career growth for performers.
  • The freedom to experiment.
  • Opportunity to work on technologically challenging projects.
  • Opportunity to work across domains.
  • One –on – one mentoring and high quality training.
  • The chance to win awards and industry recognition.
  • Open and transparent communications with peers and seniors.
  • Flexible timings.
  • You will have to work hard, but you will get to party harder.

    You will never be idle, twiddling your thumbs on the bench.

    If you are with us, “stagnant” is one word which will never be used to describe your career.